Tips to become digitally Secure in 2020!

Happy New Year !!

Looking back at 2019 , there was countless reports of security breaches, data breaches , malware.
Hacking has become a cyber pandemic , and everyone is a target!
This new year take some extra steps by implementing some new simple habits to protect yourself online

1 Accepting terms you never read
Never agree to terms and conditions without reading them. In today’s online world we are all guilty of this, giving applications on devices access to our data, pictures, SMS, contacts. Be cautions in what you are agreeing to!

2 Install Updates when they are due
Most devices constantly get reminders that their software needs to be updated, don’t delay and put this off by ticking “Remind me later “! The longer you delay, you are more vulnerable to attackers.

3 Strong Passwords
Have different passwords for every account you have, and make sure it is strong.If one of your accounts gets hacked, it could hack all your online accounts, so it is strongly advised to have multiple passwords.

4 Beware of attachments on Emails
Many ransomware emails look totally legit, with the proper branding from governments or banks !
Always be careful about opening attachments and clicking on links given in emails . Investigate the email address they are coming from to make sure it is legit.

5 Free WiFi

Could Freebies cost you more than you bargained for?
There is lots of sites offering freebies of different software online today , be cautious what you download .

When using Free public wifi , this network is open to everyone, so there is a high chance of exposing your system to Malware. Criminals may be able to view and collect the information you send and receive (passwords , bank details ) when using a Free network , so avoid if possible.





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