What is phishing?

Phishing is a form of cyber-attack, and falling victim to a “Phishing” attack could cost you and your company a BIG loss.

It can use a disguised email, to trick the recipient into believing the message that was sent to them  e.g. an email from their bank, employer, insurance company – usually requesting them to download and attachment, or click on a link.

The cyber attacker’s appear as a trusted source /individual of some kind that the victim may do /or already do business with .

Phishing is a worldwide epidemic, and as technology advances, the techniques used by the cyber attacker’s are becoming more advanced too. The attackers can disguise their email address, making you think it is a trusted source, and they can create bluff websites that look genuine to fool the victim. The aim is to get you to hand over sensitive information, or trick you into downloading malware on your device.

Aims of Phishing

Download Malware on devices

The attacker wants the victim to infect their own device with Malware. It is common that emails are sent to administration, accounts , HR staff in a company , that might download a zip file or microsoft word attachment , although everyone is a TARGET in a company!

Disclosure of sensitive data

Custom designed emails are sent to million’s of people. The attacker’s aim to get the victim to click on a link in the email, and this will redirect them to a malicious site, that has been cloned to look identical to banking websites, social media sites etc . Once the victim enters their details, the attacker now has access to the victim’s account’s.

How to Prevent Phishing

  • Having an awareness of phishing, while doing online activities is the first step in preventing this cyber crime.
  • Don’t disclose sensitive information online – birthdays , address, phone numbers etc , especially on social media platforms.
  • Check the URLs in the email links you receive, before you click or input personal data.
  • URL redirect’s are very common, be cautious of this as it takes you to a different identical website .

Do you think your business has fallen victim to a “Phishing Cyber Attack” ?

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