Parental Controls & Online Safety

Nowadays, the internet is available everywhere! As a parent, you’ll likely allow your children to use technology for communicating, learning and playing. But you will also want to be sure that your children use the internet safely and securely!

Talking to your children about internet safety, how they spend time online and how they use the internet to communicate with their friends has never been more important.

Not only should you encourage them to behave responsibly online, but also help them understand what to do if bad things happen and let them know you are always there for them.

An old rule that still applies to online activity is: Don’t talk to strangers! Advising your children to contact only people they know in their life, offline, is the first step to keeping them safe.

Another way to be proactive about your child’s online safety is by activating Parental Controls!

What are Parental Controls? How can they help?

Parental controls are settings offered by internet service providers, operating systems, social networks, search engines and game consoles that help you protect your children. They offer functions like:

  • Managing content children can search for online.
  • Blocking and Filtering access to specific websites, words or images.
  • Blocking outgoing content prevents your children from sharing personal information online and via email.
  • Setting specific time limits for how long as well as the time of day your children can access the internet.
  • Controlling/Blocking games your child can access.
  • Monitoring tools that alert parents to their children’s online activity without blocking access. Some programs even display warning messages when children visit certain websites.

Our wireless routers come with the possibility to set parental controls and help you restrict internet usage in your household.

You can create different profiles, attribute them to specific devices and set when and how long a specific device is allowed to use the Internet.

Check the video below to learn how to set up parental controls in our Fritz! Routers:

Useful links:

Most internet browsers also offer free restrictions to help manage what sites your child can access when online. As gaming can be just as popular as spending time online, the most popular gaming consoles offer free parental controls in addition to easy step-by-step guides on how to set them up.

We leave you with a list of the most popular browsers and gaming consoles also with links to their parental controls information:

Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer: 

Nintendo Wii:
Nintendo DS:

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