Cyber Security Tips for BLACK FRIDAY Shopping

As BLACK FRIDAY looms, everyone is looking to snap up the best deals in town and online!

However, among the legit deals on the online marketplace, there is a high volume of Black Friday scam deals. So, it’s important not to click and buy straight away, as it may cost you more than you bargained for!!


Check Out Our Cyber Security Tips for Staying Safe This Black Friday


Always Make Sure Passwords Are Updated

It is very important to make sure you change your passwords regularly. This will instantly increase your safety online. Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware programs are also very important, so check you have the latest updates on your devices, this will eliminate anyone tracking your internet use / and infecting your device.


Secure Websites

Make sure to check for security symbols on websites you visit, when shopping online. Especially at the checkout page on the web browser!


Be Cautious of Public Wi-Fi and Computers

Clear your search history and log out of any accounts you use on public Wi-Fi and computers. On public Wi-Fi networks, be cautious, and avoid if possible giving payment information, or personal information


Only Disclose Basic Personal Information When Making Payment

Avoid giving out bank details, only sharing information that is needed to complete your purchase. Make sure your credit card details are not stored on websites also.


Set Up Credit Card Alerts

If a purchase is over a certain amount, you will receive an alert to inform you. Regularly review bank account transactions for purchases that were made online also.


Exercise Caution When Responding to Emails

If an email is asking you for personal data, or bank details, get verification from the company first. Even if it is coming from a secure retail website. Your bank, or another service provider does not respond to them. Check out our blog on Phishing for extra security tips when surfing the web.


Transparency Obligations and Tick Boxes

If you are worried about your personal data, have a read of the website’s privacy notice first. It is mandatory for a company to provide you with a detailed notice at the point of collecting data. Companies need to ask your permission to send emails and newsletters. Make sure to tick/untick the relevant box during the online buying process if you don’t want this.

Happy Shopping.


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