Coronavirus – Will you be working from home soon ?

Remote working has been on the rise; however, this is quickly becoming a global directive due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. In the coming weeks, we will see an exceptional number of companies join this movement, but how well is your business and employees prepared for this?

At Fastcom, we have been speaking to many clients, who are looking to upgrade their phone systems to VoIP, as it has many advantages for remote working employees. Utilizing a VoIP service, businesses obtain access to a wealth of robust features that can make remote working possible, without investing a large sum financially. For example, you can use an automated attendant to route calls to different people in your organization — no matter if they’re in an office, at home or on the road.

If you are a newbie to remote working, here is some tips to stay productive:

Start planning now

Don’t wait to be told you will be working from home!

Identify what tools you need to get the job done out of the office.

Discuss with your employer what information and resources you need to get the job done e.g software installation on laptop to access files.


Set up a work space

Set aside a clear space in your home- Ideally a flat surface!

Make sure you have a good internet connection #Fastcomfibre!!

Try and eliminate distractions as much as possible.


Communicate clearly

Set clear assignment deadlines and give regular updates to your team/employer on your work.

This will help keep you focused on your work.


Be  human

Get dressed!! Everyone loves a good pyjama day, but avoid at all costs.

This will do wonders for your mind and will get your brain out of relaxing mode and into work mode.


Video conferencing

 Hosting meetings remotely can be more productive than sitting around a table.

Set an agenda for the meeting, so everyone knows what will be discussed

Call on people to speak (this will help avoid people talking over each other).



If you have any queries on how Fastcom can help your employees or business get set up for remote working dont hesitate to get in touch with us!

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