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How My Internet
Connection Works

Your internet connection is carried from the Fastcom core fibre network to your home via a Wireless Radio Antenna. We have High Sites located all around the North-West of Ireland, giving us the widest coverage of any Wireless Network Operator in the area.

Once delivered to your home, the connection will either be connected to a router, which will give you a WiFi network within your home, or connected to a single device such as a laptop or PC which will give you a single device network.

Common Misconceptions Regarding WiFi

When you are running a WiFi network within your home, the most commonly asked question is “why can’t I see the speeds I am paying for?”

There can be many factors as to why your WiFi speeds vary and below is a list of some:

  • Devices on the network are being updated
  • Other users connected to the router are using up the available speeds
  • Distance from the router to your device
  • Interference from other wireless devices
  • Obstacles and obstructions

Thankfully, we are here to help and this document is designed to turn all the jargon from IT professionals into something we can all read and apply. Below are some steps to help your WiFi network perform better:

All devices, apps or applications need to be updated from time to time. For some devices, this may only be once or twice a year. However, other devices and apps can update themselves monthly or weekly. Please be aware that Microsoft sends out its updates at the start of the second week of every month, which can hinder the performance of a network that has a lot of connected devices.

The bandwidth/speed of a WiFi network can also vary depending on the type of application being run. For example, if you are watching a movie on Netflix, this will use from 2-6mbs of your connection.  In turn, if somebody else on your network is playing a games console, this can use up 3-6Mb of your connection. So if you and another user both use your devices at the same time, this will use up from 5-12mbs of your connection.

The WiFi signal from the router gets weaker the further away from the router you go, thus meaning your speeds will be slower the further you are from the router. There are options available for this such as WiFi Extenders which will extend the range of the WiFi signal in your home.

Other wireless devices within the home can also hinder the performance of the WiFi network. Devices such as baby monitors, microwave ovens, garage door wireless buttons and other routers can all hinder the performance of your WiFi network.

The WiFi signal cannot go through obstacles. Walls and mirrors can also interfere with the WiFi signal in your home. The best scenario to resolve issues such as obstacles is a device called a Power Line Adapter.  This device connects to your router which in turn connects to a plug socket on the wall. It then sends the signal through the electrical wires within the walls and comes out to another plug that is plugged into the room you are trying to connect.  This scenario basically turns the second plug into a small WiFi repeater which will send out the WiFi signal the same as a router would.

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