Superfast 20Mb Wireless Network Now Available

Recently, we have been upgrading our broadband networks and we are delighted to announce our new 20Mb service across our Wireless Network. The 20Mb service is perfect for everyday use including email, browsing, streaming and working from home.

With the introduction of a 20Mb wireless network, users will benefit greatly from having the fastest internet connections possible. Our 20Mb wireless internet service is the ideal choice for everyone. From enhanced casual browsing to buffer-free streaming and an uninterrupted work-from-home lifestyle to the regular operation of a business. If you have high-speed internet service, numerous people can access the internet at once.

A high-speed broadband connection is a wise investment for individuals looking for family enjoyment as well as those who need a strong network for their careers. Not only will it be possible for you to browse the web without having to reload pages, but it will also be incredibly quick for you to access several pages at once.

Our wireless network is currently available in Dromore West, Coolaney, Sligo Town & surrounds with more areas coming online weekly.

Call our Sligo office on 1890 71 71 71 or drop us a message to upgrade today.


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